When quality treatment is more considerable then cost

When Quality Treatment Is More Considerable Then Cost


Alright, so you’ve been diagnosed with cataract  (“safed motiya”), yet that is an unpreventable bit of developing and with the present world-class bladeless cataract removal technology, the framework is absolutely not equivalent to what our people and grandparents may have experienced. Believe it or not, the new-age treatment is 100% pain-free, blade-free and stitchless. In addition, unlike traditional cataract surgery, the world-class laser treatment offers promising results and overhauled vision. At Mirchia eye, we utilize revived techniques and laser machines to remove cataracts. Furthermore, to give quality yet moderate treatment to the patient , we offer the most affordable cataract treatments in Chandigarh and Tricity. 


Choosing ‘Low Cataract Surgery Cost’ over ‘Quality Treatment’? Think again!


 When it’s about cataract surgery don’t get by commercials offering ‘ease’ over quality drugs. It’s fundamental to understand the fact that each eye is intriguing and there are chances that what worked commendable for your loved one or your kin or any relative, may not work splendidly for your circumstance. At Mirchia Eye center, the best cataract medicinal technique crisis facility in Chandigarh, we urge our patients to get an all-out eye checkup before continuing with the cataract therapeutic system in light of the fact that, with the latest development and diverse IOL choices open, patients can expect an all-out lifestyle improvement post-cascade departure strategy. In reality, the latest Cataract Surgery Service in Chandigarh enables patients to see flawlessly clear, anyway it furthermore decreases and clears out their dependence on glasses. In this manner, one should ideally pick IOL depending upon their needs and lifestyle over what’s economical and affordable.


 Eradicate Cataract With World-Class Femtosecond Laser Technology


At  Mirchia Eye, to advance great eye wellbeing, we additionally offer simple EMI offices to our patients. In this way, center around quality cataract laser treatment, rather than cataract activity cost in Chandigarh. When you’re prepared to become familiar with your choices for cataract treatment, address our client care agent and look for a meeting with our cataract specialist.To think about our Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery Cost in Chandigarh, Contact us.


Step by step instructions to Choose IOLs


During cataract medical procedure, your cataract specialist will evacuate your eye’s obfuscated regular focal point and supplant it with a counterfeit Intraocular Lens, called IOL. Prior, there were very few alternatives when it came to IOL determination, so individuals picked an essential “one-size-fits-all” IOL that was successful at improving separation vision. Nonetheless, for close to distance vision patients still expected to pay special attention to their glasses. In any case, the present current IOLs accompany a much bigger scope of vision which decreases as well as takes out the requirement for glasses. The most effective method to Know It’s Time For Robotic Femto 


Cataract Laser Surgery | Cataract Surgery Service in Chandigarh


At Mirchia eye, we offer a wide scope of IOLs which incorporates:


Monofocal Lenses: As the name proposes these focal points accompany a fixed concentration for one separation – close, separation or mid-center.


Multifocal Lenses: These substitute for the eye’s powerlessness to change its shape by enabling it to see at all separations. These focal points give the focal point of both close and far off articles, hence making it simpler for patients to diminish their reliance on glasses. Multifocal IOLs are named pursues:


Diffractive Multifocal Lens: When it comes to giving both perusing and separation vision, these inserts are a phenomenal decision. The halfway vision is adequate, yet with regards to doing loads of PC work, a few patients locate these somewhat distressingly so they either depend upon the middle of the road glasses or sit closer to the screen to make the text dimension seem bigger.


Refractive Multifocal Lens: These focal points are a magnificent decision for the middle of the road and separation vision. Close to vision excessively is worthy yet patients face slight issues when they need to pursue extremely little print, for example, basic food item marks or medication names, and so forth. Be that as it may, patients for the most part resort to this issue by keeping a couple of closes to vision exhibitions helpful.


Toric IOL: It’s a top-notch IOL used to address cataract and astigmatism, a condition that is brought about by a sporadically molded cornea. Much of the time, patients with both astigmatism and cataract can appreciate existence without glasses after the medical procedure. To find out about our cataract activity in Chandigarh with Toric Lens, address our agent.


Precious stone focal point: This is the main obliging Intraocular Lens which can treat the two cataracts and Presbyopia. These implantable focal points offer a total scope of vision that empowers patients to concentrate on assignments and objects of shifting separations, from stringing a needle to perceiving an old companion over the road.


At  Mirchia eye Laser eye centre, we offer cataract medical procedure through the most recent innovation and cutting edge hardware. We will probably give quality treatment to individuals from all segments of life. In this manner, the medical procedure cost in Chandigarh’s most presumed eye emergency clinic Mirchia eye centre is cost effective and reasonable.


We additionally offer help for Medical Tourism to universal patients. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have any inquiries identified with cataract medical procedure treatment or  cataract eye medical procedure cost in India, address our global work area.

what reason is Cornea Transplanted

For what reason is Cornea Transplanted?


The ray of light from an item strikes the straight forward cornea and twists (refract) to enter through the pupillary aperture and go through the lens filter to frame a picture on the central part of the retina (macula) which goes about as a film. This picture sign is conveyed to the brain by the optic nerve which sees it as the object identified.

This is the way by which each part of the eye is significant for visual perception. If there is any sort of block at the cornea influencing light beams from entering the eyes, we proceed with a Cornea Transplant wherein we expel the unhealthy cornea and replace it with a donor cornea from a cadaver(within 6 hrs of death)


Cornea Transplant Specialist In Chandigarh |  Cornea Transplantation Eye Clinic 


There are various reasons why we have to change the Cornea, in the event that you might experience the ill effects of any of the accompanying:

  • Corneal Scar
  • Corneal Ulcer
  • Corneal Dystrophy
  • Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy
  • Serious Spheroidal Degeneration
  • Progressive Keratoconus with apical scarring
  • Injury

Who can experience Cornea Transplantation?

For a good result following are the necessities

  • View of Light should be available
  • Projection of beams exact in all quadrants
  • Intraocular weight between 10-25mm of Hg
  • No Retinal or Choroidal separation in back portion
  • Tops and Adnexa ought to be sound
  • Customary follow-up be guaranteed
  • Consistence with the prescription offered interims to be carefully watched.
  • High danger of join dismissal/disappointment ought to be adequate relying upon host factor

Are you the person who is looking for the best cornea transplantation eye medical clinic in Chandigarh? On the off chance that indeed, at that point contact with the eminent eye emergency clinic mirchia eye laser focus and get the best treatment.

Tips to get fast recovery after Lasik Surgerys

 Tips to get fast recovery after Lasik Surgery


LASIK is a blade-free way of getting rid of refractive errors which include Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism. Thanks to modern technology, the outpatient procedure, that’s 100% pain-free and stitchless, takes barely 10 minutes to say goodbye to your spectacles. At  Mirchia Eye, the best LASIK laser clinic  in Chandigarh, we use the latest machines and world-class equipment to offer LASIK procedures. However, with evolving technology, LASIK is now considered to be the safest and predictable eye surgeries. Also, it offers instant results with excellent visual outcomes. So, if you are looking for the best LASIK eye hospital in Chandigarh or are keen to know more about LASIK technology, contact us.

What is Femto Lasik?


In the Femtosecond LASIK technique, your eye surgeon makes a precise incision using a femtosecond laser instead of relying on a ‘microkeratome’, thus making the surgery more precise and safe. This provides the least discomfort to the patient and is 100% blade-free, painless and stitchless surgery which takes barely about a minute per eye.


Benefits of Femto LASIK Eye Surgery


  • Quick freedom from glasses/contact lenses.
  • Sharp eyesight with 20/20 vision
  • The surgery time is even less than 5 minutes for each e
  • Painless and stitchless procedure
  • Enhance the quality of life
  • Restores self-confidence
  • Opens a plethora of work choices like the air hostess, pilot, etc.


At Mirchia Eye, we offer the best LASIK eye surgery in Chandigarh through the latest and 100% blade-free Femto LASIK technology. Over the years we have garnered a global reputation for being the well-known LASIK eye hospital in Chandigarh 


What to Expect After LASIK Surgery?


Though LASIK procedure shows instant results, it’s important that you adhere to precautions as recommended by your LASIK specialist. This will help you to have a better visual outcome and your eye will heal faster.


However, it’s important to understand that post LASIK procedure you may face minor problems such as :


  • Feeling of discomfort, burning or itching in the eyes may be present during the early hours of the procedure, but that’s only temporary.
  • Post LASIK procedure,Usually, patients do experience watery or teary eyes You may experience hazy or blurry vision for a short duration.
  • You may instinctively want to rub your eyes, but that could make things worse, so avoid touching your eyes soon after the procedure.
  • Sensitivity to light, glare, or halos around lights is also common.
  • Redness may appear in the white area of your eyes.
  • Usually, 50% of patients experience dry eye sensation and it may persist for a couple of weeks.


Your vision may fluctuate during the first few months after the LASIK surgery.

But these are completely common phenomena and will disappear between a span of a few days to a few weeks, depending on how fast your eye is healing. However, if you experience severe pain,redness or discomfort, reach out to your ophthalmologist immediately.

LASIK eye surgery is an extremely safe procedure as it provides clearer vision and an improved quality of life. However, it’s important to adhere to certain precautions (as listed below) so as to reap maximum benefits.


  • Use maximum Hygiene.
  • Wear your eye shields for the first five sex nights during your LASIK surgery recovery time.
  • For the first week, one needs to avoid and stay away from dust, smoke, and garden work.
  • Eye make-up should be totally avoided for a week or ten days.
  • During this first week, it’s advisable to be extra cautious so that soap and water do not enter your eye.
  • Avoid any trauma to your eyes after having Lasik Treatment In Chandigarh
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubbing or any strenuous activity for a period of two weeks.
  • Instill eye drops as prescribed by your doctor after washing your hands thoroughly. In case you spend extra hours working on computers, lubricate your eyes with artificial tears.
  • After about two days you can begin your normal exercise routine, but you should wear recommended and special eye protection when playing outdoor sports or sports with a ball.