Best Lasik Eye Surgery in Chandigarh 


Your vision that introduces you to the natural colors of the world is the precious organ of your body. Owing to this we at “ Mirchia’s  Eye Laser Clinic” provide our patients with the best laser eye treatment in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, and Zirakpur. We provide you with the desired and appreciable eye care services. Being one of the leading best lasik eye surgery in Chandigarh or Eye specialist centers in Punjab. We are the one that put forwards cost-effective eye care services to our patients. Our latest diagnostics and technologies have enabled us to satisfy our customers in the best way. We have specialization in:


  • Blade FREE Cataract Surgery
  • Blade-FREE LASIK (Removal of glasses)
  • Phacoemulsification for Cataract
  • LASIK for removal of glasses
  • Glaucoma Surgery
  • Vitreo-retinal Surgery


Why Choose us?


We are among the best Laser eye surgery hospitals in Chandigarh that is well-recognized for the professional advice and qualitative treatment. Equipped with advanced and innovative equipment, we are known for providing world-class services.


  1. We Successfully avail top quality pre-operative and post-operative services.
  2. We provide the best LASIK eye surgery at an affordable rate.
  3. Our optical eye specialist is having years of experience.
  4. We make each possible effort to provide our clients with good nursing care along with outdoor facilities and appreciated laser eye surgery cost.

Laser Eye Surgery cost in Chandigarh

Talking about the  budget of getting the surgery done in Chandigarh is totally relative to different hospitals. Mirchia eye being the best laser eye clinic has the facilities of the renowned  professionals and experienced surgeons who expense differently.The surgeon offers the best Laser Eye Surgery cost in Chandigarh executes the surgery with a laser on and is capable  of turning it off at any moment. Many protections are in place to minimise the risk of error. Though, we very well know risks are  engaged with any surgical procedure. Yet the exact number of complications through Lasik are not known till date, but studies suggest that the incidence of  insignificant difficulties such as dry eyes and nighttime glare is around 3 percent to 5 percent, while the risk of serious incidents such as lost vision is thought to be less than 1 percent. 

The most commonly reported laser eye surgery problem is dry eyes. Those who already experience this syndrome are often not suitable candidates for this type of surgery and are usually turned down. However, if the patient is determined in wanting to get their eyes zapped, then the eye surgeon can prescribe them certain medications to make sure that the patient is producing a sufficient tear film in order to handle the laser’s side effects. At Mirchia eye doctors are assured with the best  laser eye surgery cost in Chandigarh.


We are best at :


We at Mirchia believe while providing the best laser eye surgery cost that It’s a smart thought to consider the kind of consideration you need when choosing the best eye specialist doctor in Chandigarh. As we all know that  For a general eye check up either an ophthalmologist or optometrist will suit your treatment, In case you have a particular eye problem you will look out for the best in the field. As you won’t risk your eyes for the sake of money. We at Mirchia,  not only explain the complete treatment for the best lasik eye surgery in chandigarh but we make sure that our clients must know the side effects and advantages  of the treatment they are being treated with at our well-established clinic.


Blade FREE Cataract SurgeryToday, in Cataract procedure experts utilizes lasers to execute the medical procedure considerably more securely and significantly more successfully. In laser cataract procedure, the specialist like Mirchia’s who are experts in the field no longer utilizes a sharp edge to make incisions in the eye, that is the only reason this technique is designated “blade- free”  Cataract. Blade-free laser cataract surgery makes numerous enhancements for the first medical procedure. There are far fewer complications and unmistakably more  alternatives for the specialist to perform the medical procedure better. With the introduction of such treatment options, surgeries are quicker, precise and more  predictable.


Blade-FREE LASIK (Removal of glasses) – When you consider LASIK medical procedure, you the best lasik eye surgery might be amazed to discover that the medical procedure, which essentially utilizes a laser, once in a while still actualizes the utilization of a blade. This is due to the fact that utilizing an edge makes it simple to create a flap in the cornea, which enables your cornea to be reshaped with a laser. Nonetheless, there is another technique for LASIK that is said to be blade- free. Rather than utilizing a blade-free to make the corneal fold, a laser is utilized. Well in this new type of treatment laser is used instead of the blade and is believed to be the best treatment so far that is being provided by the best Lasik eye clinic  in Chandigarh.


Glaucoma Surgery- Laser medical procedures have turned out to be significant in the treatment of various eye issues and illnesses. There are a few sorts of laser medical procedures used to treat glaucoma. The kind of laser medical procedure will rely upon the type of glaucoma and how serious it is. Lasers produce an engaged light emission that can make a little consumption or opening in your eye tissue contingent upon the quality of the light bar. Laser medical procedures are performed in an outpatient setting in your specialist’s office or in an emergency clinic center. During the laser medical procedure, the eye is desensitized so that there is almost no torment. The eye specialist at that point holds a unique focal point to the eye. The laser pillar is pointed into the eye, and there is a brilliant light, similar to a camera streak.


Vitreo-retinal Surgery- Vitreoretinal surgery is the surgery to treat eye issues including the retina, macula, and vitreous liquid. These incorporate retinal separation, macular opening, epiretinal layer and confusions identified with diabetic retinopathy. We at Mirchia Eye Laser clinic provide our clients with the permanent solution to the related eye problem with the help of our optician eye specialist in Chandigarh



Besides our first class eye related services we own a very modern and equipped operation theatre with over 5000 sq ft of space where our optical specialist carries minor and major surgeries with ease. In case of an emergency, our patients do not need to run here and there for the procurement of medicines. We the “Mirchia’s laser eye center” provide each necessity under one roof.


It’s genuinely stunning how each part of the human eye cooperates and works effectively how the two eyes fill in as a group, and how the brain forms all the data and information it gathers. On the grounds that our eyes are so mind-boggling, it implies there’s a lot of ways things can turn out badly, and that is the place the optometrist solves our problem. In the event that anything as of late changes about your vision or in case you’re essentially due for your eye test, plan a meeting with the renowned and well-known eye specialists Mirchia’s in Chandigarh and Punjab, so we can ensure  to provide the best  laser eye surgery cost.


 We are definitely the right option if you are looking for the best eye specialist clinic in Chandigarh. Our world-class services and experienced surgeons are right here to solve your all eye related problems within  the minimum time. Being serving since 1989, it is one of the oldest eye care centers in the region that works with an aim to put forward best in Ophthalmology services with comfortable ambience.