An estimated 20 million people in the world today are blind from cataract and five times that number are already in need of a cataract operation to restore full sight.

What is cataract?
Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of the eye , leading to disturbance in Vision

What is the treatment?
The treatment of cataract involves removal of the cloudy natural lens of the eye, whish is then replaced by an artificial lens, made up of plastic which restores near normal vision.

Accepted methods of cataract operation

  • Regular Operation – ECCE.
  • Small incision cataract surgery
  • Phaco- emulsification operation

When does a patient require Surgery?

  • When cataracts cause enough loss of sight to interfere with a person’s work, hobbies or lifestyle, it is probably time to remove them.
  • Surgery may be performed as soon as visual disability cause by the cataract begins to affects your quality of life.
  • Surgery is the only effective way to remove the cloudy lens from the eye.


Pre- operative instructions for patients

  1. The patient is required to visit the hospital on day 1 when his detailed pre-operative examination is carried out.
  2. We at Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic lay special stress on pre- operative detailed examination which includes vision checkup, tonometry for all patients, a detailed fundus examination and biometry.
  3. All patients undergoing cataract surgery are asked to get their blood sugar levels checked and to get their physician’s clearance before the surgery.
  4. The patient is instructed to use medications 1 day prior to the surgery.
  5. The patient should not stop taking any medicines he is using for other diseases and should take the same on the morning of the surgery also.