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Misconceptions about Cataract

  • Cataract is only operated when fully mature.
    The truth is these days, cataract is done at an immature stage because the risk of complications is much less then. You do not have to wait to let your cataract mature fully but get it done at the right time when it starts interfering in your vision.
  • You have to take leave for a few days from your work.
    In new cataract surgeries, you can go back to your work the next morning. So do not feel the need to apply for a long leave from work in order to get cataract surgery done.
  • Whether has any bearing on the quality of surgery
    These days the operation theatre is so well equipped with air conditioners that you do not have to wait for any right weather to get a cataract surgery done. Do not postpone your surgery because its too cold or too hot.
  • Cataract once removed can come back again
    Cataract can never occur again once the lens is removed from the eye. You need not fear the need to go to the surgery the second time. Sometimes there may be a thickening of the membrane on which the intra ocular lens is implanted over a period of time for which a small laser treatment may be required.
  • I will experience pain during the surgery.
    Cataract surgery is essentially a painless surgery. Post operatively you may have a little watering, irritation, redness of the eye which can be taken care of with the help of medicines. But you need not spend any sleepless nights thinking of the pain you might experience during the surgery because there is none.
  • I am too young or too old to get operated.
    Age has no bearing on when the cataract should be operated. Any age is the right age when the cataract causes a difficulty in your routine work. You should never think yourself too old for cataract surgery.
  • I will not have to wear glasses after cataract surgery.
    Usually a small number for finer focusing is required for distant vision and glasses for reading are always required. But you should be able to do most of your work without glasses. These days multi-focal lenses are being implanted in which the patient may not require reading glasses.
  • I will be able to see immediately after the cataract surgery.
    Visual recovery begins after a few hours after the surgery, but it may take about a week’s time for final visual restoration.
  • I have to be in the dark room after the cataract surgery.
    Go enjoy the sunlight after cataract surgery because room light or sun light are no contra indications after the operation. You do not have to be sitting in a close room and can enjoy your routine activities like a normal person.
  • TV viewing is banned after the surgery.
    Watch as much television as you want to. Will not do any harm to you after the surgery.
  • Dietary restrictions like eating of chilies, ghee etc are harmful.
    There are no dietary restrictions after the surgery. You do not have be on any semi solid diet or restrict yourself from eating anything you like.
  • The intra ocular lens will have to be replaced after sometime.
    Lens once put inside your eye is there to stay. You do not need to get it replaced usually within a lifetime span.
  • The lens inside the eye will cause irritation
    This is a permanent lens fitted inside the eye which does not cause any discomfort or irritation. You will not even feel the lens inside the eye.
  • The lens will have to be taken out daily and cleaned.
    This lens does not require any cleaning as it is permanently fitted inside the eye.
  • I will get perfect vision inspite of my other eye problems
    Visual recovery is subject to other clinical conditions of the eye. If your retina is damaged or cornea is not healthy or you have any other eye problems vision will be compromised even after the surgery.
  • I will not see any floaters or flying objects after the surgery.
    Floaters or flying objects are permanent guests inside the eye and you would see them more clearly after the cataract surgery.