It is very sad to see small children suffering from various eye ailments and equally satisfying to treat these children and to give them sight.

We emphasize on the correct examination, diagnosis and the therapies that are specially relevant to pediatric patients.

The commonly encountered eye diseases in children are:

  1. Squint All eye deviations should be brought to the pediatric ophthalmology clinic and treated appropriately to retain good visual acuity.
  2. Amblyopia Amblyopia or Lazy Eye in children can be very effectively treated till about nine – ten years of age by forcing the child to depend upon the lazy eye for vision. For this occlusion therapy with patching is the treatment of choice.
  3. Injuries All black eyes in children should be examined in children by an ophthalmologist. We can save many a eyes if ocular trauma cases are reported in time to us.
  4. Childhood Infections Any discharge from the eye should be reported and is generally treated with medication.
  5. Cataract in Children Any suspicion of a white pupil (leukocoria) in child may be due to a congenital cataract. Cataract in children is treatable and an intra ocular lens can be implanted inside the eye like adults.
  6. Glaucomas of infancy in childhood Regrettably there is minimal awareness that glaucoma exists in childhood. If you see any signs of increases watering, photophobia or cloudy cornea, bring your child to the clinic early before vision has been irreparably damaged or lost.
  7. Abnormalities of lacrimal drainage apparatus This will cause tearing with or without discharge from the eyes.
  8. Ptosis It is an abnormal drooping of an eyelid.