Why is LASIK better than a contact lens?


Healthy eyes- Contact lenses can destroy or be the cause of your eye problems such as red, itchy, sore, dry eyes, or allergies. Eyes can anyhow be affected by the contact lenses which results in the inability to wear them. More use of  contact lens usage is also associated with many risks


Night Vision- Several LASIK patients say that their major motivation for undergoing LASIK surgery was to gain the ability to see adequately in the middle of the night. The potential to see your surroundings in the dark is a luxury to many eyeglass or contact lens wearers who are tired of stumbling blindly through the dark to the bathroom as the constant threat of losing a contact lens and experiencing a sudden decrease in vision.  While on the other hand wearing contact lenses can be quite troublesome while watching your television or exercising but can be extremely risky when driving a car.


Easier traveling– Traveling with contact lenses and all accessories like cleaning fluid that one has to carry with them is, without a doubt, an added burden. Packing an adequate amount of cleaning fluid, rewetting eye drops, spare contact lenses, and cases can consume a huge amount of space in your luggage.  Also, there is always the chance of losing or tearing your contact which will leave you unable to see properly.


Better vision– Many patients are happier to discover that their vision is best and improved after LASIK than it was before while using the best pair of glasses or contact lenses. This is due to the incapacity for contacts to correct vision in the same way that LASIK does.


Financial benefits- At first it may appear to you that LASIK is quite costly but, when all costs are factored in, LASIK is a more affordable solution to correct your vision issues for the long term. When the cost of contact lenses is figured over some time, it is easy to see how fast the price tag can build.  In fact, continuing with contacts as an alternative to undergoing a permanent vision-correcting solution such as LASIK has been precisely compared to renting instead of purchasing a house. Well on others using contact lenses is the same way that you are throwing money into something every month without reaping the benefits of a long-term investment.


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